Choosing a background screening platform can be a daunting task. First of all, not all platforms are made for companies that want a simple, easy-to-use product.

Most are too complex, too expensive, and still don't have all of the features you need. Wilkie's unique approach allows us to provide ridiculously inexpensive software that has all of this. What's our secret? Sales volume and community-based support. Background screeners work together to help each other, building relationships and getting you real help from real expert users. Best of all, you can enjoy all of the features of a full-service screening platform at a fair price of $100/month for unlimited use.

Features for Background Screeners

If you're familiar with the Accio Enterprise system, you're familiar with what you'll be getting : Everything from A to Z that you need to run your business, including

  • Customer Onboarding
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • A full featured applicant portal
  • Internal research management and fulfillment tools
  • Vendor integrations for products you want to outsource
  • Reporting tools
  • Web-based order entry systems for your customers
  • Results delivery to your customer
  • and so much more!

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Training Videos

Setting up a new Account and Users

Questions? Ask!

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What kind of background checks do I get with this? I guess they're database searches at this price?

WilkieSoft is software for employment screening firms and court researchers. The price covers the cost to use the software. Wilkie integrates with several vendors for data or court searches. The fees for data are negotiated with each individual vendor.


Is this software like Tazworks, Deverus, and Accio?

Yes. However, WilkieSoft is much more affordable. We are able to offer the software at only $100 per month because our support is 100% based on supplied training documents and user forums.


Is it possible to assign vendors on a client by client basis?

Yes, each dispatch rule can be specified for a particular pricebook.


I submitted a question, but then I just went back to the home page. Did you get it?

Thank you for taking the time to ask us a question. We will be sending you an email shortly with a response.


Wilkie provides cloud hosted solutions for background screeners, background investigators, and legal/court record researchers. It is based on the industry-leading Accio Enterprise and Accio CourtPro systems, but with an innovative new business model that allows you access to this industry-leading software at a fair and affordable price point.
Wilkie software is available to either background screeners or court researchers for a fair price of $100 per month, paid annually in advance.
This is the key to Wilkie's unbelievably low price : Community support. Wilkie comes with training videos, training materials, and technical manuals. But the magic is the community support structure. Wilkie maintains community support forums where the very best experts in the industry - your peers - support each other. Wilkie's licensing model requires all members of the Wilkie community to assist as well as learn, helping build a community of like minded individuals who want a system at a fair price and prefer a community based model.
Yes. Wilkie software allows users to run basic reports, and also provides a CSV file of raw data that includes component data, jurisdiction information, subject data, hits/clears, turnaround time information, and more.
When you set up a customer, you also set up their pricing. Wilkie subtotals every order for you and your customer : package fees, add-on fees, court fees, etc. When it comes time to invoice, you have two options :
  • Built-in invoicing - When you want to invoice, push a button. You can do so on any schedule you wish, and even maintain different schedules for different customers or business units. When we create invoices for you, we brand the invoice with your logo, address, customer service numbers, etc. We also create files with per-customer totals suitable for importing into your accounting software.

    If you use this model, you can also deliver invoices to your customers electronically or print them for mailing.
  • Your Own Invoices - We provide a CSV exporter that you can use to export all billing details into another system, be it your own custom software or your accounting package. You take it from there.